Being able to come out of a losing streak is probably the most difficult situation any gambler can experience, and hopefully overcome. The biggest problem with any losing streak is the gambler does not know when it will end, but know that it will end. Losing streaks take a toll on the gambler’s stakes, and also on their confidence. It is this double dose of negativity that makes a losing streak so hard to deal with.

But there is a solution to this. It will stop when you stop playing for a while. This will definitely give you a break from a losing streak. But if gambling is a huge part of your life then it may be quite difficult to do. Another element of play should be quickly put into play. Why not try cutting back on the size of your wagers and the number of the bets that you make?

Never make the grave mistake a gambler caught up in this situation makes and place larger wagers in the hopes of getting even sooner.

This is a death play when riding on a losing streak, and the best move under these circumstances is to simply cut back on your play. Consider playing fewer days, weeks and even months and also consider playing different games or levels of a game.

Change what you are usually doing and remember to cut back on wagers and frequency of games. The run of bad luck comes to an end when you make a hand from a needed river card or hit a series of placed bets on a dice table. Don’t worry since bad luck won’t follow you everywhere as long as you know when to call it quits and know when to take a break. Taking a breather works wonders and may even clear your head. Maybe you are just not thinking clearly and had resulted to poor judgment.

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